Presentation 2018

One more year, and thanks to the success of fourth edition, Futsal Copa Cerdanya is here with the objective of offering boys and girls from School Sport Associations, Schools and Clubs the opportunity to combine indoor football with touristic activities. Moreover it is designed to promote football and peaceful coexistence between young sports people from different communities and countries


For kids it’s going to be a really attractive experience because they will know a different and special environment, La Cerdanya valley, while enjoying one of the sports that they love the best: indoor football.

Futsal Copa Cerdanya tournament is going to be held between the 28/29/30th of June at 1 July. As the same as last year the team will be able to choose the day of the arrival, or on Thursday 28th afternoon or on Friday 29th morning. The matches are going to start on Friday morning.

The villages where the competition is going to be held are Bellver de Cerdanya, Bolvir, Llívia and Puigcerdà. There you can enjoy their sports centers to play the games and also to swim in their pools.

During the tournaments days different activities will be organized so players can get to know our county and at the same time have a great time.

In reference to the accommodations, they will provided by the organization (mandatory for all teams to keep the tournament in working order). For more information about the accommodation, go to the corresponding section in our webpage. The accommodations are placed in Bellver de Cerdanya and Puigcerdà.

As it happened last year a shuttle bus between the different points will be offered for those you don’t have transportation during the tournament.

If your team is interested in the telephone number of the transportation company in order to do the transfer from your location to La Cerdanya and the way back, let us know.

This yar we also have the opportunity to finance the tournament stay (contact for more information).

For more information contact the organization through:

Email address:

Mobile phone: 608937293 (Andreu).



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